Evergreen%20Logo%202018%20-%20NO%20TAGLINE.jpgNow you can support renewable energy without owning your own wind turbine or solar panels.

Evergreen is an opportunity for electric cooperative members to voluntarily contribute to the increased use of renewable energy sources. Private ownership of renewable energy does not work for everyone. A member’s property may not support it or the upfront costs and maintenance may be too great. Evergreen is an easy way for Riverland Energy members to do their part and be green.

Evergreen renewable energy comes from wind, sun, hydro and biogas sources. Your participation in Evergreen supports our efforts to increase renewable generation above and beyond any state requirements.

In addition to your normal electric bill, you elect to pay $.65 each month per Evergreen block.

If you would like to purchase Evergreen blocks to be payable on your electric bills going forward, complete form.



Evergreen Participation Form
Yes! I want to participate in Evergreen Renewable Energy. 
evergreen form
Please sign me up at the following level:
Number of Blocks
1 block (100 kwh) - $.65/month
2 blocks (200 kwh) - $1.30/month
3 blocks (300 kwh) - $1.95/month
4 blocks (400 kwh) - $2.60/month
5 blocks (500 kwh) - $3.25
Other (please call our office)
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