Annual Recycle Drive Coming in June

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Tuesday, June 6 - Arcadia (N28988 State Road 93)

Wednesday, June 7 - Alma (1225 S. Main St.)

Thursday, June 8 - Holmen (1800 Granary St)

All events are from 7:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Members can drop materials off at the co-op’s office locations on the respective recycling dates. Riverland Energy and Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations will recycle many items at no charge. Cash or check payment is due at the drop-off site. Members are asked to bring a copy of their electric bill as proof of co-op membership for refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners. The list of items can be found below. 

Accepted Items for Free: 

Cable Boxes (FREE)
Cables & Cords (FREE)
Cameras & Camcorders (FREE)
Cassette Tapes (FREE)
Cell Phones/PDAs & Chargers (FREE)
Clocks (FREE)
Coffee Makers (FREE)
Desktop Computer Towers (FREE)
Docking Stations (FREE)
DVD/VHS/Blu-Ray Players (FREE)
DVD Disks & VHS Tapes (FREE)
External Drives (All types) (FREE)
Fans (FREE)
Fax Machines (FREE)
Hair Dryers (FREE)
Holiday Lights (FREE)
Ink & Toner Cartridges (FREE)
Laptops (FREE)
Land line Phones (FREE)
MP3 & iPod Players (FREE)
Projectors (FREE)

Printers & Copiers (FREE)
Radios (FREE)
Satellite Dishes & Receivers (FREE)
Scanners (FREE)
Servers (FREE)
Stereos & Speakers (FREE)
Toasters (FREE)
UPS & Jump Starters (FREE)
Vacuum Cleaners (FREE)
Video Game Consoles (FREE)

Accepted items for a fee: 

Refrigerators (limit 2 per member) * FREE (non-member pays $20)
Freezers (limit 2 per member) * FREE (non-member pays $20)
Air Conditioners (limit 2 per member) * FREE (non member pays $20)

TV’s - All Types (limit 3 per member) $20
Computer Monitors $5
Microwaves $5
Humidifiers $5
Washers $5
Dryers $5
Dishwashers $5
Stoves $5
Furnaces $5
Water Heaters $5
Dehumidifiers $15

Items not accepted:

Gas Cylinders
Medical Waste & Lab Equipment
Radioactive Waste
Smoke Detectors
Vape Pens
Treadmills/Fitness Equipment 
Ink & Toner Cartridges
Batteries & Battery Containing Devices
(remove batteries from electronics if possible)