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Right-of-Way Clearing Notice on Glencoe Substation

September 18, 2019: Trees and power lines are not a good combination, especially when Wisconsin storms bring lightning, ice, snow, and high winds.  For safety and reliability, Riverland Energy Cooperative continuously maintains right-of-ways for its overhead lines.

This type of work is done on a rotation basis and is scheduled to be done by our contractor, Badger Unified Cooperative.   The work will be started within a week, and will be done on the Glencoe substation.  Contractor vehicles are marked with REC identification and their employees will provide personal identification upon request. 

Please keep in mind:

  • Any woody vegetation located beneath or within 25 feet of a primary power line, will likely be trimmed, mowed or removed.  Low voltage service lines to the meter will be trimmed back at least five feet.
  • The crews will chip and haul away brush and small branches, which will occur about a week after the trimming is done. If you are interested in wood chips, please give our office a call.  When appropriate, brush will be piled along the right-of-way for wildlife habitat.  Logs larger than 4” in diameter are usually cut into 8’ lengths and left on the property for the owner’s use. 
  • All stumps are treated with a growth retardant to prevent re-sprouting.  The spray is not hazardous to the environment.
  • In rare occasions, due to DNR fire concerns, it may be necessary to remove a tree outside the right-of-way.  This may occur if the tree is dead or dying, has a badly split trunk or limb, or leans dangerously close to wires and may come in contact with the line if it falls.  In these situations, you will be contacted prior to removal of the tree.


If you have any questions or concerns about crews working on your property, be sure to contact our operations department at 608-323-3381 or 1-800-411-9115.   Thank you for your cooperation.

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