Base Service Charge

The monthly facility charge of $1.26 a day covers your share of expenses to purchase, build and maintain power lines, substations and equipment to ensure the availability of power on your property. All members pay the basic electric charge for each electric account each month, regardless of energy used, therefore, sharing the cost of the electric system.

Energy Charge

The kWh energy charge covers the cost of electricity you use, including its generation and transmission from the power plant, bill processing and customer service, right-of-way maintenance, fleet operations, and related expenses.


  • Processing fee: $15
  • Disconnect/reconnect fee - $50
  • Collection fee: $50
  • Security deposit: $100 or credit reference in 14 days; or completed ACH form
  • Return check charge/insufficient funds: $25 (plus any bank charges; including any ACH reversals)
  • Meter tampering: $250
  • Manual meter read fee:$50
  • Late fee on all past due bill amounts: 1%

* Other fees may apply. Please call our office for details on the fees and additional fees not listed.