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Water Heaters

Riverland Energy does not sell water heaters. However, the co-op offers rebates on high-efficiency water heaters that are on our load control program. Specifications and eligibility requirements may apply. Download the rebate form from our rebates page for more information and to apply for a rebate.


Tankless Water Heaters:

Riverland Energy Cooperatives does not recommend the use of whole-house electric tankless water heaters, nor does the co-op offer rebates on tankelss water heaters. The energy savings is negligible when comparing a tankless water heater to high-efficiency water heaters. Many homes do not have enough electrical capacity to power a whole-house tankless water heater and they will not work on our load control program. In nutshell:

  • If a Load Management Control was installed and we had a control period, you would have no hot water.
  • Tankless water heaters create a very high demand for electricity when hot water is needed, adding to a heavily loaded system during control times.
  • Whole-house electric tankless water heaters typically require larger breakers. You may have to re-wire the main electrical entrance, and/or Riverland Energy might have to install a large transformer.



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