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Water Heaters

Riverland Energy does not sell water heaters. However, the co-op offers rebates on high-efficiency water heaters that are on our load control program. These rebates include:

  • 80-99 gallon with Energy Factor .90 or greater:  $250/unit
  • 80-99 gallon with Energy Factor .90 or below: $125/unit
  • 100 gallons or greater with Energy Factor .85 or greater: $325/unit
  • 100 gallons or greater with Energy Factor .85 or less: $150/unit
  • 40-79 gallon: $50/unit
  • Contractor retrofit installation/repair: $75/unit
  • Self installation: $30/unit
  • Self repair: Cost of parts
  • New Construction - 80 gallons or greater with signed agreement to utilize the water heater at that location for a minimum of 5 years: $150
  • Heat pump water heater with Energy Factor 2.00 or greater: $300/unit
  • Solar storage water heater with electric back up: $300/unit

Other specifications and eligibility requirements may apply. Download the rebate form from our rebates page for more information and to apply for a rebate.


Tankless Water Heaters:

Riverland Energy Cooperatives does not recommend the use of whole-house electric tankless water heaters, nor does the co-op offer rebates on tankelss water heaters. The energy savings is negligible when comparing a tankless water heater to high-efficiency water heaters. Many homes do not have enough electrical capacity to power a whole-house tankless water heater and they will not work on our load control program. In nutshell:

  • If a Load Management Control was installed and we had a control period, you would have no hot water.
  • Tankless water heaters create a very high demand for electricity when hot water is needed, adding to a heavily loaded system during control times.
  • Whole-house electric tankless water heaters typically require larger breakers. You may have to re-wire the main electrical entrance, and/or Riverland Energy might have to install a large transformer.



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