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Renewable Energy

Riverland Energy is committed to assisting our members who want to participate in renewable energy programs. We offer two programs that allow our members to take advantage of different renewable energy programs.

Evergreen: Evergreen is a renewable energy (green power) program available to your home, farm or business through REC. Evergreen is for you if you are willing to pay a little bit more to purchase a portion or all of your electricity from renewable energy sources. In addition to your normal monthly electric bill, you volunteer to pay a small, additional charge each month to offset the additional cost it takes to support renewable energy. For more information and to sign up, visit our Evergreen page.

Distributed Generation: On-site or Distributed Generation (DG) is the process of generating electricity at or near the point of use. REC supports DG as a viable and sound means of meeting electric needs of various consumer groups.  The cooperative has actively participated in the administrative development of DG throughout Wisconsin.  Examples of DG include solar energy and wind-powered systems. Read more about distributed generation here.


Dairyland Power Cooperative

REC and its power supplier, Dairyland Power Cooperative (DPC), work together to provide safe, clean, affordable and reliable electricity to members.

DPC is recognized as an industry leader in renewable energy, currently netting about 55 megawatts (MW), and is continuing to grow its portfolio of renewable energy. By gradually adding renewables to its energy portfolio as it has been, DPC and its members feel less of the financial impact of these investments. This gradual addition of renewables also allows technology to progress to help increase the reliability and efficiency of renewable sources for energy generation.

Download DPC renewable energy brochure - PDF

Video of Dairyland Power Cooperative's Renewable Energy


Is Renewable Energy Right for You?

Using renewable energy, such as wind or solar power, is an increasingly popular trend, but before committing to a renewable energy option, it is important to make sure it is right for you. A renewable energy system is an investment that should be carefully considered and thoroughly assessed.

Deciding if renewable energy is a good fit for you - PDF

Energy Ed Council Checklist - PDF

Intrested in solar?

Additional sources of information on renewable energy:



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