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Electric Safety

Riverland Energy reminds you and your family to be safe around electricity and electrical equipment.  Part of the cooperative difference means looking out for you with education and training. That's why the co-op partners with Diggers Hotline and the national Safe Electricity program to promote safety awareness. 


Learn more and stay safe

Safety videos 
See why electricity can be dangerous and what can happen if contact with electricity is made.

Safety Tips: When a Vehicle Crashes into a Utility Pole

Dig Safely Video: Avoid Contact with Deadly Underground Power Lines
As an underground contractor, Tom Dickey knows all too well the dangers that can lie hidden beneath the ground. He survived contact with deadly voltage from underground electric lines and suffered life-changing burns and injuries. He wants everyone to learn from his experience and take precautions before digging. Anybody that puts a shovel in the ground, please safety first. 
Before you dig call 8-1-1 and have the underground utilities marked.

Farm Safety Video: Large Equipment and Power Line Safety
A tragic farm accident claimed Jim Flach's life when his crop sprayer touched an overhead electric line. His widow Marilyn tells about the accident, and the couple's three sons, who are carrying on the livestock work, share their thoughts about their late father. All of them urge farmers and operators of large equipment to be more aware of the presence of electric lines and know what to do, should you be involved in a similar accident.

Teenage Survival Video: Surviving Auto Accidents Involving Power Lines
Less than a week after a power line safety demonstration at their high school, the car Lee Whittaker, Ashley Taylor and two friends were in crashed into a utility pole. Fortunately they knew the proper actions to take and survived. Tragically, many drivers and passengers who survive a car accident are electrocuted when they attempt to leave the vehicle. In the vast majority of cases, the safest action is to stay inside the vehicle until the electric utility de-energized the lines. Helping drivers understand the right actions saves lives, as dramatically illustrated in this real-life video.

Check this list monthly to make your home as safe as possible for you and your family: Electrical Safety Checklist


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